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Color meme stolen from Cheezey

1> Copy and paste this into your journal: <*font color="yourusername"><*b>yourusername</b></font>

2> Delete the asterisks.

3> Replace "yourusername" with your username.

4> See what color you are.



Meme stolen from Cheezey

Here are the results to a Harry Potter meme that I found on Cheezey's journal. I placed it behind the cut so it would not mess up anyone's friends page.

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To the people on my friends list...

Since everyone else seems to be doing it, I might as well do it too. By the way, I took this question from Cheezey's journal.

Why am I on your friends list? Comment and tell me. Then post this in your journal.

Hit and Run Art Post

Here is the colored version of the picture in the last post.

Now if only I could get to work I on my fanfics.

Voltron Art

Here is a piece of Voltron fan art that I am working on. I like the way the drawing came out, but it still needs to be colored. Tell me what you think.

Allura is once again caught in the middle of Lotor and Keith's jealously issues.

Quiz stolen from Purrsia

Behind the cut is a quiz that is supposed to point out you major personality flaws. I found it accurate for the most part, however, the quiz made me laugh rather than cry. Also, never in a million years would I write poetry and I am not devoid of rational thought.

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Chapter Two of Shadow in the Light

Here is chapter two of "Shadow in the Light". I really need to work on this fic, as I have not updated it since late August. Despite the decent amount of positive feedback I have gotten for this story, I just not have been inspired to write more. Quite frankly, I rather slowly write the out future chapters and do and decent job than turn out a ton of crappy chapter like sausages. Also, looking back at this story, there are a lot things about it that I am unhappy with. In this chapter, for example, I think the dialogue is flowery at times. But considering that no one has complained about that, maybe I am being overly critical.

Title:Shadow in the Light


Summary: The Drule Empire plots its next move.

Disclaimer: Voltron and all related characters (Lotor, Allura, etc.) are property of WEP. No profit was made from their use.

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The Zulu Religion

Okay, I probably should have posted the second chapter of Shadow in the Light, but I don't feel like doing that right now. Instead, I am going to share I short paper I wrote on the Zulu religion. Why? Because while I love my Catholic faith, I adore almost all religions and enjoy learning about them. I did post this on the old Voltron board, but it has long since been deleted. Since I liked how this short piece came out, I thought would post it once again in my journal.

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Political Profile Meme

Here are the results of a meme that I took for Purrsia's journal. I placed it behind the lj-cut so it does not mess up anyone's friends pages.

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Here is the first chapter of the first fic I have ever written. There a lot of things in this chapter that I think could be improved (such as Haggar's characterization), but I don't think it is bad. It's just not my best. However, others might think differently.

Title: Shadow in the Light

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: AU, violence

Summary: Chapter 1/??. AU. After Yurak's many defeats, King Zarkon allows his half human son to come back to Doom so he can take back planet Arus. Everyone from the peasants to the heir to the throne, Prince Tunar, may despise him, but that's not going to stop Lotor from gaining the power he wants.

Disclaimer: I do not own Voltron or any related characters, WEP does. No profit was made from their use.

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